What is Micro-Needling?
The practice of needling the skin has been known for some time to have great benefit in anti ageing and hair regrowth stimulation but there were downsides to dermarolling: pain & skin tearing among them!

Now at Laserlight you can have a range of treatments which have all the benefits of this collagen stimulation procedure but none of the drawbacks: you can even have the treatment in your lunch hour and go straight back to work.

We will be offering electromagnetic powered micro needling to treat, the signs of ageing, improvements in scarred tissue including acne scarring, stretch mark reduction, hair growth stimulation on the scalp, cellulite reduction and more.

The speed of the needling at 1ms per punch means the procedure is pain free and the micro fine needles are set at precise puncture depths for different treatments ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Each client will have their own needle cartridge which lasts 8-10 treatments and anti ageing treatments will be accompanied by vitamin c & copper peptide applications to boost the skin’s natural healing processes.

Derma Jet