The Principle behind Carbon Laser Toning
The Carbon powder used in the process has a strong absorption ability, it can absorb dirt deep in the pores it also has the effect of reducing the inflammation associated with acne.

The treatment affects only the target skin. Carbon powder is applied to the skin and allowed to penetrate into pores. The powder is then removed by means of the laser’s high energy transmission. This breaks the carbon into pieces, shattering dirt and oil in the epidermis. This procedure stimulates skin cell and collagen fibre renewal and elastic fibre repair using the skin’s natural repair function. The result is a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, reduced pore size, smoother skin and improved skin elasticity.

What is Carbon Laser Toning ?
It’s a revolutionary new treatment which targets fine lines, wrinkles, spots and more. More information on the treatment can be viewed in provided video.

How does the Carbon Laser Peel feel?
The treatment is comfortable and only a minor sensation similar to pins and needles is felt. It is suitable for all skin types.

What improvements will you see?
This therapy works effectively even on difficult areas such as the nose. You will see the following improvements:

  • Reduction in pore size.
  • Increased skin renewal.
  • Improved radiance.
  • More even skin tone and texture.